The Comeback

He said he couldn’t live without me,
Man, my heart smiled so big
No one could ever measure that amount
He makes me feel like no other
Ain’t no better love that what he got
My mind won’t let me forget him
Days pass by, daylight turns into night
But his love never waivers from my heart
He’s gone, but not far
He’ll be back soon
We are supposed to be together
He wouldn’t leave me long
Every breath I breath is for him
He doesn’t know it
I’m making preparations to be reunited with my love
Will he be waiting for me?
I can’t wait to feel his love all around me
Wrapped up like a winter’s coat
Mmm, I can’t wait
Patience don’t leave me now
I’m fragile
I imagine his touch, his heartbeat, his soul
He’ll be back soon
He’s not gone too far
My heart waits for him
I breath him, my soul, my love
Will be back soon.


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