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True Love

I can feel him,
when I close my eyes,
for his heart speaks to me.
In his poetry,
in his rhyme,
in his song,
in my mind.

Like a beautiful flower
beginning to bloom for the first time,
is how deeply I want to love him,
inside and out,
no restrictions,
no limits.

His words embrace me like heaven's clouds,
his voice caresses me,
so tender like a first kiss,
ever so carefully,
sincere and secure.

He fills my day with joy
with just the slightest thought of him,
I am overwhelmed with emotion,
I desire him,
I admire him,
I love him.

He does not know
the power he possesses,
for he dwells in humility,
kindness and positivity.
He uplifts me.

Such a gentleman is he,
he protects my heart with honor.
So freely he shares his world with me
I know not of loneliness
but of love and tranquility.

He will never understand the magnitude
of his influence in my life
because he doesn't look for praise
or recognition.

He just is
and he just does,
has always been
and always was
my first and my only
true love.

Love Abides

Love abides by no rules,
it's depth is endless,
it's plight is high,
it expects nothing
and criticizes not.

It appears like a thief in the night,
but harm it does not know.
It's aim is comfort the lost
and forgotten.

Sometimes it is misunderstood
because at times it is stern,
strong and firm.

It's a free spirit
and cannot be regulated,
by thoughts or actions.
It owns the right to
it's destination and direction.

It can't be bought or sold,
and not to be defined as young or old.
It holds it's own self worth.

Love abides by no rules,
stipulations or restrictions.
It creates it's own path
Like water to a plant.
if nurtured, it will last.