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God Changed His Plans

I once was weary,
my heart was troubled,
confusion consumed my mind.
I knew not which way to go, or which direction to turn,
I was lost in the wilderness of the sinful world,

But God changed the plans.

At times it seemed my trouble had no apparent end,
And good works were scarcely seen.
Love did not welcome me
and kindness was seldom found.
Faith did not know my name,
so doubt made a home in my mind.

But God changed His plans.

I walked alone
on the forbidden path
no clue as to which way to go
I was headed for destruction
with a blindfold covering my eyes,

But God changed his plans.

Until one day I woke up
the darkness of the night
and walked into the light
I turned away from my life of sin

And allowed God to change the plan.