Sitting here looking at my phone
Missed calls and text messages, I ignore them all,
I can’t figure out my mind,
The jumbled thoughts, the plans, the confusion
He put his love on pause,
I don’t understand the hesitation,
We’ve both been hurt by love before,
Once, twice, three times, maybe four.
Heartbreak has hardened our hearts once more,
We weren’t searching for love, but it found us
It stumbled into our pathway boarding life’s highway
It struggled day by day, in hopes to find a little lead way
But give love an inch, it wants to travel a mile,
Love ain’t got us like that, our hearts are in denial
Stop, hold up, wait a minute……. Pause
We didn’t ask for this, nor did we inquire about it
The expiration date on love has expired, no progress transpired.
You can’t come in, you’re not welcomed here,
Love took advantage of us once, so now we fear
His heart wears a shield, my heart protected by armour
Stop, hold on, wait a minute… Pause
Love has no honor...


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