My Letter to Pac

Dear Tupac Amaru Shakur,
I was never afforded the opportunity to have met you, but yet I feel like in my heart, I have. So much I would have loved to know about you, so many questions I would have wanted to ask. The thoughts that occupied your brain, the dreams you wanted to accomplish, but you were robbed of that opportunity so prematurely. Somehow I feel like you wanted to change your life. Was it at a moment too late? I wonder if you spoke to God, repented of your sins? I often wonder what you thought about after being shot the second time. Would you have made a different decision? I imagine you still here. I wonder how different would your life would be now. Would you still be a spitting dope lyrics on the mic and stage, or on the big screen doing movies, possibly creating your own behind the scenes? Would you have settled down and fathered a few kids, who had your eyes and outgoing personality, your ambition and your brave heart? Would you still drink Hennessy? Lol. Would you be …


Sitting here looking at my phone
Missed calls and text messages, I ignore them all,
I can’t figure out my mind,
The jumbled thoughts, the plans, the confusion
He put his love on pause,
I don’t understand the hesitation,
We’ve both been hurt by love before,
Once, twice, three times, maybe four.
Heartbreak has hardened our hearts once more,
We weren’t searching for love, but it found us
It stumbled into our pathway boarding life’s highway
It struggled day by day, in hopes to find a little lead way
But give love an inch, it wants to travel a mile,
Love ain’t got us like that, our hearts are in denial
Stop, hold up, wait a minute……. Pause
We didn’t ask for this, nor did we inquire about it
The expiration date on love has expired, no progress transpired.
You can’t come in, you’re not welcomed here,
Love took advantage of us once, so now we fear
His heart wears a shield, my heart protected by armour
Stop, hold on, wait a minute… Pause
Love has no honor...

The Comeback

He said he couldn’t live without me,
Man, my heart smiled so big
No one could ever measure that amount
He makes me feel like no other
Ain’t no better love that what he got
My mind won’t let me forget him
Days pass by, daylight turns into night
But his love never waivers from my heart
He’s gone, but not far
He’ll be back soon
We are supposed to be together
He wouldn’t leave me long
Every breath I breath is for him
He doesn’t know it
I’m making preparations to be reunited with my love
Will he be waiting for me?
I can’t wait to feel his love all around me
Wrapped up like a winter’s coat
Mmm, I can’t wait
Patience don’t leave me now
I’m fragile
I imagine his touch, his heartbeat, his soul
He’ll be back soon
He’s not gone too far
My heart waits for him
I breath him, my soul, my love
Will be back soon.


Alone in this world,
So cold,
Walking blindfold into the darkness
Never to see what lies ahead,
Consumed with hurt and guilt,
Of past love and cries that were left unheard.
Existence is escaping me slowly,
Unsure of how to proceed,
Ignorant to what happiness is,
Shielded by confusion and pain.
The world seems so cold,
To my wants and needs,
The adversary waits,
To hunt and to feed.
On the weary hearts of those,
Orphaned by circumstance
And the forgotten ones,
Left behind in the swine,
Toiled in the coils of deceit
Resting on a web of lies,
Cold, cold is the world,
To my uncaring eyes….


In the calm, still of the night, He waits for me.....

But not to the element of surprise.

His intent is to protect me

from harm and danger, both seen and unseen.

But I am oblivious to His outreached hand,

so alone I continue to stand.

Naked to the brutal assaults of the world,

like a new born baby, ignorant to knowledge.

He waits for me,

Longing for me to call out to Him,

not only when I've fallen down

with no strength to get up on my own

but when I'm taking a ride on cloud nine

and feel like I'm floating in the sky.

He waits for my in a quiet place,

and welcomes me into His home.

Not Good Enough

What do you do,
when you're not good enough,
Your patience goes unnoticed,
you're not appreciated and
taken for granted?
You are never forgiven, respected
or appeased.
You are merely the object of negative
attention, put downs, reminded of
your failures and shortcomings.
Never to be desired, pleasing, protected
or loved.
Where do you go, when the gravel
beneath your feet begins to slip
and the pathway become cloudy,
foggy and gray.
What words can be said?
What actions can you take?
What sacrifice can you make?
When you're not good enough,
you always fall short and it seems
you'll never meet the expectations.

The Forgotten One

It feels like God has forgotten me,
At night, when my tears fall,
Alone am I to suffer at the hands of my adversary,
No comforter in plain sight.
My eyes hurt from the pain,
my heart aches from the abuse,
my soul bleeds of discouragement,
Who can heal my brokenness?
Drowning in my own misery,
no life raft to rescue me,
no ladder to climb to safety,
My cries are ignored.
I reach out my hand,
only to have it slapped away,
Love cannot dwell here,
or survive in an empty shell.
When will my Savior come,
to aid my deep wounds?
Where will my help cometh,
to repair the scars?
I am forgotten,
in this world of demise,
knocking at the door of rescue,
waiting for an answer to the anguish.