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My Letter to Pac

Dear Tupac Amaru Shakur,
I was never afforded the opportunity to have met you, but yet I feel like in my heart, I have. So much I would have loved to know about you, so many questions I would have wanted to ask. The thoughts that occupied your brain, the dreams you wanted to accomplish, but you were robbed of that opportunity so prematurely. Somehow I feel like you wanted to change your life. Was it at a moment too late? I wonder if you spoke to God, repented of your sins? I often wonder what you thought about after being shot the second time. Would you have made a different decision? I imagine you still here. I wonder how different would your life would be now. Would you still be a spitting dope lyrics on the mic and stage, or on the big screen doing movies, possibly creating your own behind the scenes? Would you have settled down and fathered a few kids, who had your eyes and outgoing personality, your ambition and your brave heart? Would you still drink Hennessy? Lol. Would you be …