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Thinking Out Loud

It is so hard at times to cope with everyday life when no one understands you.
People's opinions of you are prejudged assumptions with no foundation of actuality.
what's even harder is being in a relationship with these charcateristics
everyday is a constant struggle.
You ask the Lord to help you make thru the day . Then you have to pray that same prayer every single day without missing a beat because the moment you do, ugly rears it's head at the most inconvenient time.
You keep asking yourself 'why do I have to endure this pain?'
but why not? Others have before you .
You look for solutions, only to realize that you can't fix it yourself.
every time you make the attempt, you just mess things up further
when will this end?
You begin to believe it's karma for some wrong you've done and over looked or forgotten.
Others get away with their sins and celebrate, or so it seems.
You can forget going to someone for advise or wisdom, because you can't trust anyone.
If yo…

It Ain't Nothing

It ain't nothing for me to love you,
I've been doing that for some time now.
People criticize because they don't understandwhy I'm holding on.
If they were me, then they could seewhere I'm coming from.
Loving you makes my heart glad,
and sometimes I don't understand it myself.
It was so sudden and unexpected,but I needed it.
I've been broken hearted for so long.
Nobody knows what I've been throughthe pain I've endured or the obstacles I've encountered.
I just want my soul to mend.
Is that a crime?
Boy, you don't understand.
When I looked into your big brown eyes,
you made my heart melt like ice cream over a fire .
And ever since that day I've fallen in love.
With you is where I find myself, in my dreams, not wanting to wake up.
Because I don't want to be disappointed by reality.
My mind is spinning with thoughts that I can't contain any longer.
With each passing day, I'm grow more fonder than in the beginning.
The love I have for you is infi…