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Young Girl

young girl,
you don't have to wear pants so tight
or your skirt too short,
Just to gain some attention.
Grown men steadily approaching,
and you're only fifteen,
but you forget to mention.
No father figure around
you're longing to be loved
so you sleep around
single parent home
you often feel alone
no one to turn to for guidance
because your mother works double shifts,
just to make ends meet,
you are free to roam the streets

young girl,
so beautiful you are
though you think you're not
self esteem is low
you start fights to release frustration
incarceration is your destination.
hanging out on the corner
dealers walking past
exchange what's in his hand for some cash

young girl,
don't waste your life away
due to misconceptions of reality
blinded by the lies of society,
unable to see the beauty you possess is more than skin deep
don't be mislead by empty compliments in disguise and lies.
realize that your dreams can come true, for you

Campbell Soup

Fine as aged wine,
dark skinned
light skinned
corn rolls
bald fade
baggy jeans
button-up shirt
suit, tie
white tee,
tennis shoes
Stacey Adams
fitted cap
Dob hat
pearly whites
gold cap
gold chain
boxer briefs
talks with slang,
yet has a college degree
and he's feeling me...
he licks his lips like his
name is Ladies Love
he's a rapper
or an R & B singer,
he's real laid back
smooth in his demeanor
thugged out
but intelligent
ladies man
but a one woman man
helps those in need when he can
much respect for his mama
so he treats his lady right
not a trouble maker
but not afraid to fight
Yes, the brother's fine
and he's mine
takes care of home
like he should
this Campbell Soup Brother
is mmm, mmm, good.....

Invisible Thought

When I looked into his brown eyes,

I could see his soul

sketching a pathway to his heart

I decided then, this is where I want to be.

Him and me...

He comforts me

He embraces me

Because he loves me

And so do I, love he

The path we travel,

many obstacles we've crossed

when I fall,

he holds me up

and dusts me off

I encourage him

when he's feeling weak

I hold his hand

and let him lead

I know when to let him go

and know when he needs me

He keeps me close

but confident to let me be

We're strong togethor

even when we're apart.