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I Am Broken

I've been broken into many pieces,
somewhat like a puzzle,
but not easily reconstructed,
not enough time to understand me.

Tears keep falling down my face,
leaving stains that I cannot remove,
a trail that leads to a sorrowful place,
only to find myself there alone.

I am broken,
never to be put back in place,
those around me have no clue,
they continue to walk past me,
oblivious to the scene.

What will it take to fix the pain,
how long will the hurt linger,
for a day, or maybe a week?
to answer this seems unknown to me.

For I am easily broken,
into a million little pieces,
so be careful where you step,
one mistake can have a lifetime of hurt
and an eternity of pain.

Broken, broken, so am I,
no one can see the inner beauty,
because they only focus on the blemish.
Broken, broken, so am I,
never to be put back together again.

Guilding Light

He waits for me in the garden,
where the colors of a rainbow bloom.
He searches for me in my hidden place,
when the sun shines brightly at noon.
His spirit guides me through the maze,
He answers my forbidden questions.
He prepares a place for me,
and equips me for life's lessons.
He softens my hardened heart,
and dries up my continuous tears.
He keeps me safe from harms way,
while his presence erases my fears.
He welcomes me into his home,
and places no criticism on me,
He loves me for who I am,
and gives me freedom to let me be.


They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
but when I look into the mirror, that is not what I see.

The reflection resembles scars of sorrow and pain,
a fragile heart being broken repeatedly,
a lonely soul seeking refuge, but
never finding it.

Being isolated in this cruel world,
trying to distinguish between what is
right or wrong, acceptable and disgraced,
and what road to travel this tiresome journey on.

Oblivious to what others find comforting,
in this ungodly world of sinners,
as our being perishes into nonexistent dust.

Somehow the grass outside is blanketed by the
morning dew, I'm confused as to why the
the world continues it's rotation on a broken axle.

Never knowing the trip is about to abruptly end,
and left at a stand still like broken glass, or
misplaced puzzle pieces with no where to belong.

Restless souls roaming the polluted air,
seeking a resting place for their iniquities,
afraid to let go and let God
challenge their battles for them.

Yearning to be triumphant,
yet lacking knowle…


I closed my eyes and tried to remember,
but for the sake of me I could not.
I pondered on it all night,
repetitiously I searched my thoughts.

And just when I believed I found it,
once more I was to be fooled.
It wasn't the real thing,
so quickly it disappeared without a clue.

This game I'm tired of playing,
it's making me a loser.
So many years have passed me by,
I wish I would have figured it out sooner.

Deception knocking at my door,
I wonder if I dare answer?
Don't want to be captured like a prisoner,
to again be abused by my master.

The solutions lie within me,
I hold the key the lock.
When I choose to exit the stage,
this merry-go-round ride will stop.