The Forgotten One

It feels like God has forgotten me,
At night, when my tears fall,
Alone am I to suffer at the hands of my adversary,
No comforter in plain sight.
My eyes hurt from the pain,
my heart aches from the abuse,
my soul bleeds of discouragement,
Who can heal my brokenness?
Drowning in my own misery,
no life raft to rescue me,
no ladder to climb to safety,
My cries are ignored.
I reach out my hand,
only to have it slapped away,
Love cannot dwell here,
or survive in an empty shell.
When will my Savior come,
to aid my deep wounds?
Where will my help cometh,
to repair the scars?
I am forgotten,
in this world of demise,
knocking at the door of rescue,
waiting for an answer to the anguish.


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