I Am Broken

I've been broken into many pieces,
somewhat like a puzzle,
but not easily reconstructed,
not enough time to understand me.

Tears keep falling down my face,
leaving stains that I cannot remove,
a trail that leads to a sorrowful place,
only to find myself there alone.

I am broken,
never to be put back in place,
those around me have no clue,
they continue to walk past me,
oblivious to the scene.

What will it take to fix the pain,
how long will the hurt linger,
for a day, or maybe a week?
to answer this seems unknown to me.

For I am easily broken,
into a million little pieces,
so be careful where you step,
one mistake can have a lifetime of hurt
and an eternity of pain.

Broken, broken, so am I,
no one can see the inner beauty,
because they only focus on the blemish.
Broken, broken, so am I,
never to be put back together again.


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